Non-Surgical, Medically Assisted Weight Loss & Weight Management

Physician assisted weight loss, also referred to as medically assisted weight loss, is a comprehensive and medically managed approach to effective, lasting weight loss.

At Montrose Med Spa, our physician and physician assistants take a holistic approach to losing and managing weight.


We work one-on-one with each patient to develop and maintain a treatment plan that may include an individualized nutrition plan, a realistic activity/exercise plan, or medical gym plan.


As a medical weight loss provider, we also prescribe medications to aid in weight loss when appropriate.

Who Can Benefit from a Physician Assisted Weight Loss Program?

At Montrose Med Spa, we understand every individual has unique circumstances and requirements when it comes to weight loss.


That’s why each treatment plan is tailored to the individual, their situation, and their goals.


If you’ve been struggling to lose weight and/or keep it off, our physician assisted weight loss program may be the ideal solution.

When Lifestyle Changes Are Just Not Enough

For many individuals, FDA-approved medications can play a vital role in their ability to lose and/or manage their weight by…


  • Increasing metabolism
  • Decreasing appetite
  • Lowering the body’s set point
  • Curbing nighttime eating
  • Providing the energy needed to sustain a healthy lifestyle
  • Changing your relationship with comfort food
  • And assisting with binge eating

Your Initial Appointment

At your first appointment, your medical history will be reviewed, your challenges will be identified, and a sensible treatment plan will be designed to help you lose weight and keep it off.

Follow Up Visits

After your initial visit, we will see you in the office once a month to weigh in, refill your medication as needed, and adjust your plan if necessary.


During these appointments, we will discuss any difficulties or concerns you may have, as well as tips, strategies, and motivation to help you stay on track.


Monthly visits are key to building healthy habits and lifelong positive change. We are committed to supporting you every step of the way!

You Owe It To Yourself

Let us create a personalized weight loss program that’s based on YOUR individual needs and goals!

If you haven’t yet found sustainable, long-term success, Montrose Med Spa’s physician assisted weight loss program can give you a safe and healthy way to finally find it.


With a comprehensive approach that blends appropriate medications, medical gym, sensible nutrition, and ongoing support, your results might surprise you.

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