Skin Analysis Consultation

Illuminate Your Skin’s Potential with Vectra Precision:

A Skin Analysis Consultation with the Vectra Camera offers clients a unique opportunity to visually identify and understand underlying skin issues.


This advanced technology not only educates both the provider and client about the specific concerns present but also recommends tailored treatments based on thorough analysis.


By actively participating in their skincare journey, patients experience increased satisfaction and confidence in their personalized treatment plans.

How Skin Analysis Works

The Vectra Camera revolutionizes skin analysis by capturing three high-resolution images and transforming them into a detailed 3D model of the skin

This cutting-edge technology empowers dermatologists and skincare professionals with powerful software tools to analyze parameters such as wrinkle depth, pore size, and skin tone uniformity.


It facilitates the development of personalized treatment plans by visualizing skin conditions and tracking progress over time.


VECTRA H2 3D Imaging System | Canfield Scientific

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