Montrose Med Spa

WHAT MAKES MONTROSE Med Spa stand apart from the competition?

We set ourselves apart from the competition by being consistently focused on one thing: the patient.

With that focus, we will succeed in a successful and healthy experience and loyalty to Montrose Med Spa.

Staying true to our message of intentional wellness is a point of difference where I see other spas being unclear and distracted in their direction. By listening to our patients, we ensure we meet and exceed their expectations.

We continually stay on top of the market by offering the best innovative body sculpting and skin treatments that invigorate and energize and are specifically designed to restore balance and strength and renew youth to the body.

We also utilize a number of marketing programs to stay on the minds of our guests, including radio, TV, direct mail, email blasts, and unique invitations for exclusive treatments.

One element that helps to establish the bar and sets us apart from our competition is our emphasis on providing a complete medical gym experience—from the varied treatments with Emsculpt Neo to a personalized health and wellness and skin evaluation for each individual by our certified staff.

We also provide a noninvasive, pain-free, and needle-free facelift through EMFace in addition to offering monthly beauty memberships that create a commitment to the overall wellbeing of the patient.


What services do you offer?

  • EmSculpt Neo Body Sculpting
  • EmFace Noninvasive face lift face sculpting
  • Injectables Botox, Dysport, fillers & Kybella
  • Hydrafacial (face, back, booty, neck and decollete lymphatic treatments)
  • Scalp Treatments for hair growth
  • Skin penTM microneedling as used by the stars
  • VI Chemical Peels
  • ZO Skin Care by Zein Obagi
  • IV Therapy Hydration

Do you offer memberships or other perks?

Absolutely. Our beauty and medical gym memberships allow our patients to take advantage of member-only perks and pricing. 

We also have member-only events and holiday parties. At Montrose Med Spa, we are a community.


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